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About Dr Daniel J. Freet MD

Dr Daniel J. Freet MD is a renowned highly skilled Board Certified Plastic Surgeon serving in one locations in Houston; TX. Throughout his training Dr Daniel J. Freet has been very clinical and highly rated for his work in field of plastic surgery specially for his expertise and known for his contribution in making his patients confident and smile on their faces after the procedures they went under him says it all due to this he is well rewarded by society and medical fraternity for his contributions to the fields of plastic surgery. Dr Daniel J. Freet Md is well known for his extraordinary work with Dermabrasion, Laser resurfacing, hair Restoration, Cosmetic Surgery, Skin Cancer, to name a few.

As per Dr Daniel J. Freet MD Reviews his reputation amongst patients and colleagues and with his 24 years of experience and 2 specialties surgery and plastic surgery with 6 expertises and his dedication and determination has made him the one of the most trusted doctors for plastic surgery treatment. Though Dr Daniel J. Freet Md is having a flourishing plastic surgery practice in Houston’; TX, However he finds time to dedicate his talents to helping those less fortunate here and abroad and all over America. As per Dr Daniel J. Freet MD Reviews he is consistently rated at 4.7 of 5 stars. His clients have also written comments under Dr Daniel J. Freet MD Reviews sharing their wonderful experiences with him rated him very high consistently as result medical fraternity and the society has rewarded Dr Daniel J. Freet by various rewards like;- Compassionate Doctor Recognition (2014 & 2015) - Compassionate Doctor certification is granted to physicians who treat their patients with the utmost kindness. The honor is granted based on a physician's overall and bedside manner scores. And Patients' Choice Award (2014 ,2015 ,2017 and 2018) - Patients' Choice recognition reflects the difference a particular physician has made in the lives of his/her patients. The honor is bestowed to physicians who have received near perfect scores, as voted by patients. Dr Daniel J.Freet and his team always committed to give high quality treatment with best of the ultra modern technology and procedures in field of plastic surgery. Dr Daniel J. Freet MD Complains / Feedback has always helped him in improving his skills and provides best in class services to his patients.

As per the experiences and responses of his clients and consistently rated high by his extremely satisfied patients by his services and quality of treatment, he is highly recommended for below mentioned plastic surgery treatment like Dermabrasion, Laser resurfacing, hair Restoration, Cosmetic Surgery, Skin Cancer and Reconstructive surgery etc. He makes people comfortable by resolving every query , he understand every patients requirement and share every information to set pre and post realistic expectation for his patients for every procedure due to this people feel a good about themselves. He has owned his reputation from his work and it was from this business that he has gained his wealth and good reputation for delivering amazing results with the high-quality work that he performs during the plastic surgical procedures for his patients.


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    Steve Riter

    2 months ago

    Dr Daniel J. Freet MD is a real-life superhero! He is an amazing surgeon. He helped almost every patient, they also saved my life, I had fallen, leaving a scar on my body which is no longer Dr. There is no one better than Freet! Thank you

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