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The Best Plastic Surgeon

The Best Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Daniel Maman, an ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon with 740 Park Plastic Surgery in Manhattan, says some patients find the search for the right plastic surgeon for their needs confusing. "The problem with plastic surgery is that you have a lot of other specialists – primary care physicians, podiatrists, gynecologists, dermatologists engaging in plastic surgical procedures" after having taken a weekend course to learn how to do a breast augmentation, for example, Maman says. These practitioners then hang out a shingle and start operating on people, and sometimes it works out. "They might get lucky the first 30 times they do it and not have a problem. But then suddenly they have a catastrophic problem down the road," in which a complication arises during surgery that the doctor isn't trained or equipped to deal with. This can result in scarring, disfigurement, infection or even death in the most extreme cases. Fixing the problem may take several, costly corrective surgeries.

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